History of GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies

GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies develops and manufactures industry leading computer input peripherals having pioneered the use of pen-based electromagnetic sensing technology. Our digitizing, screen printing and measurement solutions receive the highest quality of craftsmanship and are engineered to effectively improve individual and team productivity. Founded in 1975, GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies received a patent for the invention of the world’s first absolute-position electromagnetic digitizing technology. Since then, the company’s produced and supported more than one million input systems across 50 countries used for a wide range of design, engineering, construction, graphics, apparel, medical and GIS/mapping applications.

In 2013, GTCO CalComp became a member of the Turning Technologies family after the acquisition of eInstruction. Turning Technologies produces leading assessment delivery and data collection solutions for all types of learning environments. Together, the company offers instructors and participants software, response keypad technology, mobile interactive whiteboards and powerful enterprise-based administrator tools for effective learning.